SL2: Next Button-Restricted Navigation Problems Using Layers

When a course navigation setting is set to "Restricted" - it works well with the exception of one scene.  This is a Quiz Scene with two layers per question (correct and incorrect layer).  It is a score keeping type game.  

The Next button will not Advance in Preview or Publish when a (correct/incorrect) layer appears.  It will only advance at the base layer.  

Is this a bug with Storyline 2? 

Thank you --

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Char Larkin

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your thoughts. Are you asking for a few of the source files to review?

As I study this more, I do see earlier slides with layers and the navigations works correctly.

I have a fairly complicated course. ---

- Drop Down Menu is set to Restricted (per client's request)
- I have set up an actual Slide Menu with icons. User must click each icon in order, complete the "Scene" and then return to the Menu Slide. It is locked down using variables and triggers.
- My Quiz scene is separate from the Menu Slide. Each quiz question has two layers (correct and incorrect) with score keeping.
Because it is customized, I am not using the quiz templates (submit button). Once I changed the Player Navigation to Restricted, I cannot advance through that quiz scene. I did notice that if I do not click on a layer per each question, but just click "next" at the base layer, that it will advance for me.

I'm going to study it a bit more and if I am still stumped, I'll send a few source files.

Thank you,


Char Larkin

Hello again --- I have studied the "problem scene"  Here is what I believe the problem to be ----

- My Quiz is set up with two layers per question.  Correct Layer or Incorrect Layer. 

- If I have the Navigation set up to "Restricted" (per my client's request), this means that one layer per question will not be viewed --- as a result, the slide will not advance.

- Do you think this is the problem?  If so, what would you do to remedy the problem?

Thank you,


Char Larkin

Hmm - Well, I have the Built In Menu Available for the topics, but since the client does not want the User jumping around, I could not leave that menu as "Free" because they could avoid my Menu slide of Icons and just jump around using the Built In.  The Slide Menu with Icons that is locked down, is really meant for a six step instructional process.  The other topics (Intro, Quiz, Summary) are not part of that Six Step Locked Down Menu Slide.  I hope this makes better sense. 

Char Larkin

Hi Leslie,

Before I take time to edit the file and remove confidential information in order to send to you, I'd like Articulate to answer this question, which I don't think they have done so yet ---

When a Story File has a "Restricted" Setting - does this apply to all layers in additional to a base layer?  Meaning - that the Next button will not advance until ALL layers have been viewed?

I'd like an answer from Articulate, please.

Thank you, 



Leslie McKerchie

It does not apply to all the layers - I'm attaching an example. The timeline on the base layer is the built in restriction unless you've built it otherwise, which is why we would like to see the file.

You are welcome to work directly with our support engineers here that way you do not have to modify the file if you wish not to.


Peter Tiziani


I am also running into the same issue with my quizzes. Do we have an timeline for a fix on this? I've also noticed that when I go back and review the quiz the seekbar suddenly appears even though I have it disabled on my quiz slides. I assume this is a bug too? Has anyone else seen this? 


Char Larkin

Hi Peter,

I was told that the issue would be turned over to the Quality Assurance group, but there was no mention about timing.  The Support person that helped me suggested a workaround this way:

- Set Player to Free

- Set States to Lock Next button when timeline starts and Unlock Next button when timeline ends

 However, this workaround does not work for me, since I must keep the Player settings to Restricted.   I had to let things be as they are.  So the learner can advance during the quiz when the timieline ends.  However, if they make a selection “prior” to the timeline ending and a “correct or incorrect” layer appears, they will not be able to advance to the next quiz question. 

 My workaround (although not ideal), is to reduce the timeline to one second.  In theory, it should take the learner longer to make a selection.  When a layer appears, they will be able to advance to the next slide.  I can do nothing about the learner not taking the quiz if they choose to just advance once the timeline ends since the States and Trigger solution as suggested by Articulate does not work with a Restricted Player. 



Char Larkin

Yes, that could work Peter.  However, I did not set up my quiz using Submit buttons - I created them independent of the Quiz templates.  The reason I did this was to create an Incorrect and Correct layer with score keeping on each layer.  It was sort of a "challenge" for the learner during a negotiation process.  I realize that I made this a little difficult.  Here is an example of a Quiz question slide.   

Thank you for your suggestion. 

Emily Ruby

Hi Terra,

Thanks for your patience on this. I have been playing with the file to see if I could offer any additional workarounds. So it seems that when you have "Hide objects on base layer" selected, and you are using custom slides (not the built in quiz slides) the base layer is being paused (this is what we reported to QA). I can see this on yours, as well as a new file I created. 

When using restricted settings, the base slide timeline must finish for the next button to work. The reason built in quiz slides bypass this is because the feedback layers have custom buttons to jump to the next slide (this is the workaround to bypass restricted navigation settings - custom buttons)

So you could just keep the base layer timeline short - as you mentioned above, or you could uncheck "Hide objects on base layer" and the Next button will work at the end of its timeline. Now you would need to add a rectangle of your background color on the layers to "fake hide" the base layer. Also, could you add a custom next button on the feedback layers? This should bypass the restricted navigation.

Just some ideas. Hope this helps. I will let you know if we hear anything regarding the issue we reported.

Char Larkin

Hi Emily,  thank you for  taking the time to review my file.  I realize it is a little complicated.  First, in hindsight, perhaps I should have tried using the custom quiz slides.  The reason why I did not do that is because I didn't think the score keeping feature would work on the layers.  I might have had some trouble.  Second, I never thought of creating a fake background on a layer as a way to hide the base layer.  That is why I often hide the base layer because it interferes with my layers.  I will consider that for future courses.  My course is now published and on the LMS so I'll be leaving things as they are now.  Off to a new course ---  Terra