SL2 - Next won't work

Apr 17, 2015


I am at my wits end. My next buttons don't work. When revisiting a slide they are fine, but at first visit to the slide the user can't advance until the timeline is finished. I have created a few lessons in SL1 and never had this problem. The slide properties are set and the trigger "jump the next slide when user clicks next button" are consistent. Help.

I'm attaching one of my scenes, too big a file to send my whole file.

Thanks in advance.

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Vanessa M


Ashley TerwilligerHi Natasha, 

The next trigger in Storyline 2 is dependent on the slide timeline if you've enabled restricted or locked navigation for your player menu. This was a change in Storyline 2  based on feedback we heard from users in Storyline 1, and if you'd prefer to see a different behavior you're want to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request here. 

Vanessa M

Hi Ashley,

I filled out a feature request. I'm hoping Articulate will switch this feature back. I don't want to have to create custom next buttons due to real estate. Having the user skip ahead 5 slides is not wanted, but forcing them to the end of any slide is not ideal either. For now I've left it as free but I am hoping this is temporary until the next version of Storyline comes out. I hope they fix this.


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