SL2 Object on Base Layer Visible on Slide Layer

Oct 10, 2016


This is weird as I've never had this issue before and understand to deselect any objects on the base layer that I do not want visible on slide layer.

  1. I named the base text object to identify it.
  2. I created a slide layer then, copied/pasted to create 3 addt'l layers.
  3. The base text object is only previewing on slide layer 1 and not the addt'l 3 layers.
  4. I can see that the base text object is deselected on ALL slide layers.

Any helps would be appreciate.



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Thank you Staff Leslie,

Attached is the file.

I removed this scene from the whole, in rough format, to send to you.

I also removed some proprietary slide masters/logo, etc. I'm mentioning this because upon doing so, the text box object no longer shows on the "part two-C" layer. However, it is still showing on the "winterize results" layer.

Not sure if master slide should be an issue as the text object is on the base layer only.

While you'll in there, feel free to suggest the best way to let the student know that he has "10 secs" in which to complete the gamification/task. You'll see what I mean when the "plane comes flying by with a banner".....I laugh at this, but hey, I'm easy. Just doesn't look right to me.

Any helps would be great!


Hi Leslie,

In preview mode you can see the base text object named "keypoints" behind the temporary blue shape.

The "keypoints" are bullet points and should only appear on the base line.

In SL, when "winterize results" layer is selected you can clearly see that the "keypoints" base layer object is deselected. Therefore, should not appear in preview mode.

Sorry for the confusion....sometimes I can be a typical "female" and use wayyyyy to many words.

Thank you for your time.


Greetings Leslie,

Thank you for taking the time to create the screen recording.

Now,  I see why you didn't 'see' the error layer. This is because the scene wasn't completed in your preview mode. There's one more layer.

You may not have noticed the countdown timer on layer "part two-c" (its in dev stage) in the title bar in red. Once the countdown reads 10 it will show last layer "winterize results". There you will see the base layer paragraph peeking behind the temporary blue rectangle.

Hope that helps.


You know what Leslie? I appreciate your diligence so much, I have another "task" for you.

Issue:   "In Preview mode, when you click the next button, (there's only one), to advance to the 'knowledge Check' page, the page appears for a sec and jump back to the previous slide."

I did not set a trigger for this action.



First back to the "winterize safety driving" task.

Though the text object "keypoints" is one object, on the timeline each bullet point can be checked or unchecked individually. That is what I didn't know.

I unchecked the 'first' box, as you can see in the image.

However, you've shown me that I need to check "all the boxes" under keypoints. Since I did not physically group them, I did not see the points as individual objects.


Hi Leslie,

You should have everything you need in contained in the scene; base and two layers.

  1. when the "explanation" slide completes and the next button is available
  2. click the next button to advance to the "knowledge check" slide
  3. it is here you will see that the "knowledge check" slides does appear
  4. however, it only appears for a few seconds then automatically take you back to the  previous "explanation layer"

Not sure why!

TuDaH! (thank you)


Hi Leslie,

I just notice that I should have started a new thread when I posted a different issue.....sorry about that. Re: dev_MaNaCHa.story file

Anywho, I THINK, I see the problem. The triggers on the base layer places the "explanation" slide in a loop because of the timer function. Ughhh!

What do you think? If so, How do I get around that?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Manacha!

You are welcome to utilize the same thread if you wish, but it does allow the community to assist more and makes it better for future searching when you open new threads.

You may be right about your issue, but I cannot seem to pinpoint it. I was going to open a support case on your behalf so that one of our support engineers could take a peek, but I was unable to locate your account.

To prevent further delay, I recommend sharing your file with our team here so that you can get some assistance.

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