SL2 - Objects disappearing

Oct 14, 2014

I have several objects on a slide and the more I work with the slide, adding text and triggers, the more objects start disappearing.  They are not hidden behind other objects and the eye is not poked out.  When I preview the slide, they are there, just as they should be.  But when editing, I cannot see the object to edit it.  In the pic below you will notice all other objects have the eyes poked out, except for the freeform object i need to adjust.  Notice in the second picture, the object shows up in Preview.  I cant see it to adjust the size of it, though when editing.  This also happened on 2 text boxes.  I had to just re-create them.

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Paul Robb


Just wondering did this ever get resolved ?

I have just experienced this same issue, only difference is it does not display in preview, so I have to go through and put all the pictures in again for my project.

Also, I noticed that if I delete the picture that is not displaying and then insert it again, the newly inserted picture also does not work, however if I rename the same file, then insert it again, it then displays.

In my case, I did have the project stored on a network drive, so I am assuming it has something to do with this.

However, it would be good to know if any other issues can cause it also ?



Crystal Horn

Hi Paul.  Thanks for sharing all of that information.  You hit a couple of things right on the head:  working on the local C: drive and also leaving the application open for a long period of time.  This article provides tips for preventing file corruption.  If you'd like to share your file with us, we'd be happy to take a look!

I know you said that you moved the file to your local drive; maybe import those slides into a new project altogether on your local drive to see if that restores those objects.

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