SL2 Quiz results slide not displaying a results score.

Nov 11, 2014

I am using SL2 and 3 question pools, generating random questions from each pool and have 3 separate question pool slides (in sequence) in my story file. I have 2 issues:

1. The questions pools were working, pulling 3 from 10 out of each question pool. Now when I run the quiz I am only getting 3 questions from the first pool (not sure why this has only just started to cause me issues).

2. The results slide will only display my pass/fail layers but not a total score. That is a combined total of the correct answers from the 3 question pools generated questions. it looks like I have set it up correctly but am pulling my hair out now and need elp.

I did read that someone created 1 results slide for each question pool, then a final results slide pulling in the totals. I did this but it didnt work. Also I dont want users to see 4 results slides, only the final one.

If someone has a solution I would be very grateful. I have also included a sample of my story file.

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Steve Lyne

Hi Maree,


Is the file that you supplied the full quiz, or just an example?  Because there are only two questions in each bank in the file attached, not 10.

Also, in your Correct/Incorrect layers you instruct the project to go straight to the results slide when user clicks CONTINUE, instead of next slide.  This means that once the first question has been completed all the rest are missed.  That's why you're only getting a question from the first bank.


Make sure that you have selected the correct number of questions that you want from each bank, currently it's set at 1, not 3

Hope that helps.



Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

I found the same behaviour as Steve... As I previewed the file only 4 of the 6 questions were ever being processed and the first one was triggering straight to the results slide

I built a project from scratch with your specs (I think)

3 Question banks - 2 questions in each - 1 result slide choose 1 question randomly from each bank.

I made no changes to the default triggers that SL created

In the Draw Questions from Bank options even though I chose Include 1 question...each time I saved and came back in it changed 2 of the 3 question banks to ALL...that's why I think 4 of 6 were processing when I previewed.  I think it might be a bug.

Maree Jackson

Hi Steve, yes it is a subset of my larger file. I did correct that continue transition too! Thanks for that. My 3 question pools are now pulling 3 questions from each correctly, however the results slide still doesnt display any results.

I thought I would build a quick sample quiz from scratch replicating the same profile, 3 question banks, with 3 inserted question pool slides pulling random questions from each. I inserted the results slide and did not change a thing. And it worked!

Back to mine and removed the results slide and readded, still nothing. Not sure why?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

I noticed in your variables list there were heaps of Result variables not being used but couldn't be I created a new blank project and then imported all your slides in except for the result slide

I then created a result slide in the new project and it appears to be working. .story file attached

Maree Jackson

Hi all, thanks so much for your help. Wendy I did the same and the voila! I got results!I I am putting it down to ghosts in  my story file or me trying so many different things that I...broke it.

It's great to know the Articulate community if full of bright sparks!

Many thanks again, you guys are awesome.

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