SL2 > SL360 Conversion: Marker Labels (captions) Fill Black

Apr 18, 2018

Hey There - just signed up for my free trial and converted my 1st (small) course from SL2 to SL360.

I'm seeing that all of my marker labels (captions) now present themselves in Preview mode as having black field/background, making the black text impossible to read (as if the captions are empty). In Edit mode they appear normal as white field/ background. Suspicious of this variation, I published the course and see the marker captions are black field/background, as well.

Marker Label - Edit

Marker Label - Preview & PublishDespite it appearing correctly in Editing mode, I have tried to re-apply label formatting to see if "muscling" the software to bend to my will would at least get me over the hump, but I continue to see unwanted variation.

Is there a trick to fixing these "conversion casualties" all at once?

How would you recommend fixing them, even if one at a time? (without re-creating every marker in the course... because my limited test on slide 1.7 of a NEW marker [Orange] exhibited all the same issues as the converted markers... I cannot even edit the text because the font changes to white when I click in the label!).

In the attached course:

  • Slide 1.2 > BasicNav layer has a marker I attempted to fix (both label style and text color)
  • Slide 1.2 > Markers layer has a marker I attempted to fix (just label style)
  • Slide 1.7 has a marker (the Red one) I have not attempted to fix.

I am working on this course from my desktop computer hard drive.

Thanks for whatever advice & help you can offer.

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Anna Liu

Hi Brad,

Good day! I've personally encountered what you've stated, and even observed that when you make use of the other label styles with colored background it works properly. But whenever you make use of the one with white background, issue re-appears.

I did the following steps to make sure that the one with white background will appear even in preview:

1. Made sure I was using the latest Storyline 360 version (Build 3.15.15453.0) - Wouldn't hurt to have this installed since update just takes a few minutes :)

2. With slide 1.2 (BasicNav layer): adjusted Label Fill manually

From Timeline, I clicked Marker 1 -> clicked directly on the marker label -> Navigated to Marker Tools (Format) -> Chose white from Label Fill.

Noticed that the text included appeared automatically as black, so when I did preview this part - all was good.

Here's the preview:

3. With the remaining marker labels (from slides 1.2 and 1.7): adjusted both Label Fill and Font color manually - had to do this because the texts did not automatically appeared as black (in fact, they remained white!)

After doing step #2, proceed to select the texts to be updated from the label. Font formatting tools would then automatically appear so you may proceed to select desired font color. 

I've also attached an updated .story file for your reference. 

Hope the steps indicated above helps! Happy exploring!

Brad Pepin

Hi Anna - thanks for taking a swing at my conversion formatting issue. I do appreciate your time & effort!  That being said, the MANUAL correction of EVERY marker in my eLearning is extremely daunting and what I was trying to avoid (labor intensive!).  I am looking for a quicker way to fix dozens (hundreds?) of makers in the courses I anticipate converting from SL2 in the near future & while maintaining over time.

See my updated post for some new ideas that might stimulate the community on this issue.

Brad Pepin

A couple of ideas came to me with fresh eyes this morning:

1. Re-convert the SL2 file, in case this marker fill issue was just a hiccup. It wasn't  :-(
The "Black Marker Fill" problem persists in 2nd conversion attempt.

2. Use the "Apply to All" function in the Marker Tools.  To do this,

  • I perfected the formatting of a new marker on the slide, then
  • Used the "Apply to All" function to apply the perfected formatting from the NEW marker to the ORIGINAL (problem) marker.  (My thinking here, as a workaround, is that I could temporarily paste a perfect marker to each slide with a problem marker, quickly "Apply to All" with 2 clicks, delete the temporary, perfectly-formatted marker, then move on... rinse and repeat)
    Marker Format Tools -  Apply to All Function
    Mixed Results: the white label fill was fixed correctly; the font color attribute was not.
    Again:  Unhappy Face :-(

I've attached some screen captures so others can visualize the process and results.

It seems to me this is a bug that needs to be addressed by the support team? The software is not functioning as one would expect (the issue generated during file conversion, nor the "Apply to All" workaround)

Perfect Formatted Marker

Perfect Formatted Marker - Apply to All

PREVIEW: Perfect Formatted Marker - Apply to All

Anna Liu

Hi Brad,

My apologies for the late reply, but I was also able to try what you mentioned about creating a clean ("perfected") marker then clicked "Apply to All" - I encountered same results (for the .story file you have provided). :(

Since you have raised a case regarding this (as confirmed by Leslie), I know you are in good hands. :)

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