SL3 inserting a customized result slide in a template file

Jul 27, 2017


I use to have a custiomized result slide in my template file on SL2.

I just had to insert this result slide after my question bank slide and it was working quite well.


I have tried to do the same on SL3 and I am facing the following issue:

- the "variables" are not created, so the result slide can not work.

the only bypass way I have found is to insert the SL3 blank result silde ( that creates the variables, then to insert my result slide and to customize it.

this is taking some time as I have to update all the triggers with the variables.


Is it still possible to include a customized result slide in a template file?

Is there a specific procedure I have to follow for that purpose?


Thanks for your help!


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Hubert de Vregille

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply.

I just found what was causing the issue: when starting with SL3 I have just import my SL2 template file. And it has been working well for all slides exept the result slide.

I have finally recreated the Result slide using SL3 in my template file, then adding the customization I am using in SL2 and it is now working well:

--> I can use the result slide that is in my template file.


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