SL360 text blurry during preview

I am finding some of my text is blurry when previewing my SL360 slides.

I'm using a standard size 12 arial font within shapes to create the attached diagram (example of before preview and during preview image is attached). Hoping someone may have some ideas about how to fix?

I have found that if I place the text in text boxes it is no longer blurry, so unless there is any easy solution I'll probably need to recreate using individual text boxes.




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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lisa!

Thank you so much for sharing both screenshots! Let's see what the Autofit settings are. Can you right-click one of the shapes and choose Format Shape from the drop-down menu? Click Text Box and you'll see the Autofit settings. Here's what it looks like:

Is it set to Shrink text on overflow? If so, I'd suggest changing that to either Do not autofit or Resize shape to fit text. 

Let me know what you find!