SL360 Text-to-Speech Plays in Timeline, not in Preview

Feb 09, 2018

I'm using text-to-speech to provide the voiceover as we are developing the module.  It was working just fine, but in the last day or two I have noticed that I can hear the audio when I play it from the timeline (in development mode) but I cannot hear it in the audio editor or in preview or when published.

I have deleted the audio track and reinserted it to no avail.  Any ideas about why this may be happening and/or what I can do to remedy the situation?


P.S. Audio on computer is up, audio on player is up, audio in audio editor is up.  Same thing happens regardless if I am using headphones or not.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there Susan, and thanks for providing all of that detail.  I was able to successfully add TTS audio in a mock-up project in my latest build of Storyline 360, and it played both in Preview and in the audio editor. 

From your update, it sounds like this happening for you in new projects as well.  If the audio from TTS is not playing in multiple projects, here are some steps to repair Storyline 360.

Hang in there, and let me know how you make out!

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