SL360: v3.53 Missing variables or is it just me?

Jun 30, 2021

I just upgraded to the latest version 3.53 and I can't find 2 built in variables I use all the time.  Results.ScorePoints and Results.PassPoints

Is it just me and I have to do a re-install? 



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Joseph Francis

Did you open an existing course (with a Results slide) or create a new one? Does the new one have a Results slide? The 4 variables (Results.PassPercent, Results.PassPoints, Results.ScorePercent, Results.ScorePoints) aren't created until a Results slide is inserted. Then, you will find them in the Built-In section of the Variables dialog box

David Holzemer

Thanks so much for the info! Sounds like its user error :-) 
Yes, I have kinda library of slides that includes a results slide that I just open and save as a new name to keep consistency though my courses. 

I'll try creating a brand new results slide and see if they reappear :-) I guess I just thought they always existed as built in variables. 


EDIT: I created a new Results slide as you said and it worked fine.. THANKS!!