Slide Advance (Page Down)

Hi all,

I am trying to create a course that can be used with a clicker or page down function. Sadly it's not working consistently at all. If the user clicks the next button the clicker no longer works until the slide is selected again (sometimes even that is hit and miss). Is there a way both advance options can be used without messing up the page down function?

Thank you.

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Diane Fallier

This has to do with focus between the player and the slide. When the user clicks the next button the focus is on the player. Until the user clicks inside the frame, the page down won't work because it requires that the focus be inside the frame. When I implemented this I used custom next and previous buttons on the slide.

Chelsey Jones

Thank you Diane and Leslie for your answers.

Just being able to pin it to the focus really helped. What I was trying to accomplish was the ability to use any method to advance the same course. Some of the slides had interactions the end user could continue to press down to trigger the correct response but the user could also explore incorrect options by clicking on the slide. This led some people to use the menu and next button so the focus was lost. Implementing custom buttons helped. :)