Slide advances with no trigger?

I'll upload the slide in question below.

I have this slide that uses some click sound effect audios to show you have to click in some places. Here's the "chronology" for the intended interactions:

  1. First you have to click 5 flipcards on the slide. This is indicated by a mouse pointer image and a click sound (we'll call this Click 1).
  2. When all those are flipped, it shows another layer (Show layer when all images are in "Flip" state)
  3. This layer has a short audio with an indication to see a video by clicking on the button that appears. When you click the button, it plays another click effect audio (we'll call it Click 2) and when that audio finishes, it jumps to the next slide which has the video. (Play Click 2 when user clicks button, and then Jump to next slide when Click 2 completes).

Both the base slide and layer have different audios (it's the same click sound but imported twice).

The issue I seem to be having is that the slide wants to jump to the next slide when Click 1 completes, which is not correct. All triggers are correctly set (slide advances when Click 2 is completed) but it still wants to move on to the next slide even if the trigger isn't there.

For some reason, Storyline seems to be confusing the Click 1 with the Click 2 audio.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I have already tried to make a copy of the click sound and importing it rather than importing the same file twice, but the problem persists.

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Walt Hamilton

I think your problem is that there is some corruption somewhere (slide, or layer, or audio). I notice on your CONT layer, that the Click audio stretches the full length of the layer timeline, and I can't change it. I think that rather than confusing the two clicks, the layer is playing the second click immediately upon being shown, and when it finishes, jumping to the next slide. i would start by deleting the CONT layer and rebuilding it to see if that helps. If not, I would rebuild from scratch whatever is necessary to ensure that there is nothing corrupted.  

Mica Oli

I think the audio streches because it's set to play when triggered, so it shows all along the timeline as a "this audio will play whenever" type of thing (I guess this is the reason). 

For the time being, I just deleted the first click audio and it works fine. I'll see if rebuilding it helps though!