Slide Background Appears Too Dark When Project is Published

Feb 19, 2013


I have a Storyline project in which I have changed the slide background on most slides to a light blue colour. When I preview the project the colour is correct, but when I publish the project the slide background colour is much darker than I have set. Why is this?

I have got the Player set to Dark Blue & tried to modify the slide colours in there, but this (obviously) just amends the player areas, not the slide background colours.

Please can anyone tell me how to fix this?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Lisa!

Can you share a screenshot of the color before and after publishing? Also, how are you viewing the published content (locally, uploaded to a web server, what browser, etc.)?

Also, can you share the .STORY file here so I can take a look? That may be the quickest option. You're also welcome to share the file with us privately.


Lisa Jones

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your reply & for offering to look at this problem I'm having.

I am viewing the published content locally & I am using Internet Explorer 8.

I will send the .story file privately (but the link you sent is for submitting a request not messaging, please can you tell me how I can send a message with an attachment to you?).

As you can see these slides are still a work in progress, but here they are.

Screenshot of Preview slide:

 Screenshot of Published slide:

Many Thanks


Jeremy Neighbors


I am working on my first training presentation in Storyline and am having this same issue. I was able to get it to work by following the guidance from as long as the Player Style is set to Classic. I was unable to find the same options when in Modern. However, I want to use the advanced features of the Seekbar, including Play/Pause that are only available in Modern style. Can you provide instructions to correct the background when in Modern style?



Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeremy!

I'm happy to help! The Modern Player includes two player themes; Light and Dark. The colors are already set, so we don't currently offer a way to designate a specific color for the Seekbar, slide background, or Play/Pause button.

We do have this discussion where community members have shared ways to customize the Modern Player. Please note: These are unsupported methods.