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Mar 21, 2013

I'm having a weird problem. One of my slides is having the background disappearing during playback and I can't figure out why.The series of slides is made up a screen recording. There is audio and some actions that are timed to my audio. The back ground will go totally white during playback. I'm seeing this during preview and when I publish. I've checked that all my elements on the screen should play through the end. A couple of the boxes I have on the screen do display as if there is a large white box between the background of the slide and a few of the elements but no such box exists. I've uploaded a file that hopefully someone can find out what is going on.

The problem is with the second slide.

Looking forward to hearing the collective wisdom of the forum.


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Annie Jean

Hi Jesse,

I have looked at your project and found out that on the second slide, you don't have any "Screencast" as an item on your timeline.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I see something like this and I have no idea of where it comes from.

If I had to deal with this I would either try to grab the background as an image and add it to your slide (since you don't have animation from the screencast itself on this one), or insert the screen captures in a new scene to see if I can copy/paste the "screencast" from the second slide.

Also, I guess this is a bug that is worth reporting to Articulate.

Sorry I can't help you more with it!

Have a nice day!


Jesse Kramer

Very weird but I had another version of this file I had forgotten about till after posting my question. It is working fine and I copy and pasted the slide in question just previewed and it looks fine now. If I run into any more problems I'll be sure to post back here. Can't track down a problem if you can't reproduce it.

Thank you for all your help.


Jesse Kramer

Apparently it's not solved. It's getting weirder.  When I run the course off one server I get the problem. Use this link and on the second slide you'll see the background disappear towards the end of the slide audio.

but go to this other server and there is no problem.

The first server is a corporate server that is used as a test platform for one of our products, QlikView. IIS is running alongside other applications on the server. This is also how my training content is very likely to be deployed for our clients since by default we know they have a QlikView server.

The second server is for web space that I use to host my personal website.

Obviously something is up with the server but how in the world do I track down exactly what the problem is? Just in case something changed in the file over the last 24 hours here is the most current version of my file.

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