Audio decreases during playback

Aug 17, 2020

Within the last week I started experiencing issues with the audio volume decreasing during slide playback.  I installed the most recent updates on Friday to see if that would resolve the problem, but the problem still exists.  I've tested to see if this is a Storyline issue or not by listening to other audio files, and I'm only experiencing this in Storyline text to speech converted audio files on individual slides during playback within the application and after the file is published.  Can anyone provide any insight to how this issue can be resolved??

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Ren Gomez

Hi Narissa,

Thanks for sharing the details of what you're running into, and I'm sorry this issue is coming up!

Is it possible that you've made several edits to your Text-to-Speech audio? We do currently have some reports where audio volume adjusts to a lower level after editing text-to-speech.

Feel free to share your file with our support team to confirm if this is what you're running into or if there's a workaround we can suggest!

Allen Dickerson

Updates: we have discovered that a trip into the Quality/Customized optimization to amp up the Audio bitrate has a positive effect on the overall sound level of a file on the 360 Review site and on LMS'es.

We're at a loss to explain why it was not previously necessary to do this, and why the setting on this Publish Quality dialog does not appear to be persistent when you go to re-publish reviews or do final publishing onto LMS'es.

Allen Dickerson
Training Developer

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Allen!

Thank you for keeping us in the loop, and I'm glad to hear that adjusting the audio bitrate in the Publish Quality window helped!

Could you share more detail about the inconsistency in the dialog box? Do the levels reset when republishing the content?

Just a reminder that if you could share a sample file, we're happy to look into its audio quality and compare testing. Simply use this secure upload link

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