Slide Content won't Delete

Jul 13, 2015

When I try to delete content (i.e. characters, shapes, etc.) nothing happens.  I can delete text just not anything else on the slide.

The only way that I can remove items previously inserted is to use the "undo" button.

Is there a trick to this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Colin, and Welcome to the Community!

May I ask if you are working in a virtual environment (ie. using VMWare or Parallels on a Mac)? I have encountered this before, as well, but a colleague of mine working in a non-VM environment has not experienced this issue. So, just to ensure you and I are on the same page, let's say you've inserted a shape onto a slide. When you want to delete it, are you selecting it and hitting the Delete key? Or, do you have to select it, right click, and then choose Cut to remove it? 

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