Slide Count completion criteria - beware of lightbox slides!

Nov 06, 2017

On a course that I was publishing to LMS, I wanted completion to be based on slide count. The Tracking tab said I had 78 slides. I set completion to 78 of 78. When I published to the LMS, we could not get a completion. I dropped the criteria to 77 of 78. No completion. Puzzlement. Suddenly, I realized the 78 slide total included the 8 light box slides I'd created for optional hints and info; what if the learner viewed none or only some of the light boxes? So I dropped the completion criteria to 68 of 78, and that solved everything. Perhaps a note on the Tracking tab on what is/isn't included in the slide total would be helpful.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

There isn't a way to indicate completion for each slide, it's based on the user accessing and viewing the slide and then it's marked complete. 

Lightboxes and slides that the user may not see (such as one where you'd keep assets on a slide and it resides in a separate scene and users aren't navigating to it) all will count towards the total number of slides and completion. 

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