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Nov 12, 2015

I have the following variable on my assessment slides so the learner knows how many questions they've completed and how many more there are. 

Slide Number %slidecount% of 15

When running through my course it works exactly as expected until I get to the results slide. they have the option to review the assessment. I have a trigger that adds 1 to the variable each time a particular assessment slide is viewed. 

My variable keeps counting during the review portion. How can I turn off or stop the trigger from adding to the count. I'm using question banks so questions are being drawn at random so I can't hard code a slide count. 

I hope I've explained this well enough. Thanks in advance for any help. 


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Douglas Spencer

It's hard to know for sure without seeing your file. It sounds like the trigger occurs when viewing and reviewing slides.  You can can do this to have %slideCount% only trigger when taking the quiz and then not show when reviewing questions.

  1. Put the %slidecount% trigger on its own layer called Count Layer.
  2. Put the text box that displays the %slidecount% in the Count Layer
  3. Create another T/F variable called %resultsSlide%.
  4. Create another trigger on each question that shows the "Count Layer".
  5. But a condition on that trigger that checks to see if %resultsSlide% is false.
  6. On the view results slide button, add a trigger that changes %resultsSlide% to True.

Hope this helps!

Jesse Kramer

I think I understand what you are suggesting but i have a few questions. 

What should trigger the Count Layer? Time line starts? 

If the %resultsSlide% is true then that is when it is shown?

Is the clicking of the view results button what changes %reslutsSlide% to True?

I'm still very new to working with variables so I hope these questions don't sound silly. BTW, I've attached a copy of my .story file if you wanted to look at it and maybe show me an example of what I need to do. I think I learn better by seeing concrete examples, at least in this context. I'm having a little trouble understanding this in the abstract. 


Jesse Kramer

Ok, I got it working on a small scale so far. I'll do a full scale test tomorrow. I made one change. The trigger on the results slide is when the timeline starts change the variable to True for the ResultsSlide. That seemed to be the only way I could get it to work. I created a version of my project with a lot fewer slides so I could test without driving myself nuts. Tomorrow I'll test full scale. 

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