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Good Afternoon,

I need some guidance.  Beginner user in Storyline due to not using it that often. I have been tasked with the following:

I need to create module which will just be a policy we have that we want employees to read and acknowledge they have done so.  The user will need to click a link to display the policy and then click an acknowledgement button.  Both things will need to be clicked in order to get the credit.  Currently I have three slides: A title slide, a slide with my policy (which is a PDF) and an acknowledgement slide

Do I set this up like a quiz? I am at a loss on where to begin.  I hope I explained this correctly.

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Kim Simmons

you are welcome. Hey, I just wanted to confirm that I did use a PDF document in this sample. My client stores their PDF material on SharePoint, but you can obtain the documents path (link) no matter where it is stored. Simply PDF the document, right click the save item, click Properties, and copy the location (address path of the document). The address path is what I used when creating a trigger that, when clicked, will jump to the desired document.

I hope that's clear. Let me know if you have questions.

Kim Simmons

I'm not sure I understand. I didn't use an outside link. I used the path of the PDF document that was created when I saved it on my H drive. I placed a button/shape on the slide so I could easily create a trigger. When clicked, the user will see the PDF open in a new window (I neglected to add instructions for the user to review the document then close the window and return to the course). Once the user goes back to the course they can now acknowledge the policy.

Good luck with your development.

Shawn Robinson

Thank you.  I was able to figure that part out.  Now, I have a new question.  Well, let me list what I want to happen:

1. User clicks logo to launch pdf in a different window.

2. When they close that window, I want them to see that same slide, but the logo has disappeared and now the Acknowledgement text appears with a checkbox for them to click.

I've figured out that I need a new layer and I have added the text and check box to that layer.  Now, I'm trying to figure out how to display it.

Help!!! This stuff is no joke!!!


Kim Simmons

In the Storyline sample I created, I added a trigger that automatically advanced the course to the Acknowledgement page when the PDF button was clicked. Remove that trigger and the learner will return to that same.

I hope this helps. I'm currently using Storyline 2 but I can view earlier versions of the software. feel free to upload your file so I can be more helpful.

Shawn Robinson

Yeah!!! I figured out how to do it before viewing your response. (I feel like I just learned how to tie my shoes without help, LOL).

I completely hid the text on my original layer after clicking the logo. When they close the pdf and come back, they will see the acknowledgement text and checkbox. (Hope I explained that right).