Slide is cut off on edges, regardless of settings

Sep 17, 2020

I have a screen recording course. I have custom size settings, which are 1916 x 1157.  This was the size of my screen recording, in order to keep everything aligned , I adjusted the story size to match. I have created several courses before this one in this series and never had an issue. Over the last month i've had this issue on more than one course and I can't figure out if it's something i'm doing or an update in the software. 


When editing, my screen shot goes to the edge of the boundary storyline shows. It is not over the edge, which I know would cut off anything over the edge. 

I've taken a screen shot example to show how my screen doesn't meet the edge of the boundary in image 1. 

Image 2 is a snip of what the course looks like when being previewed both in storyline preview as well as articulate reviewer. Obviously the right edge is cut off as well as the continue button, and i'm not sure why.

Please help!





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Lauren Connelly

Hello Gigi!

Thank you for sharing both screenshots! I've tested this out on my end using the same story size, but I don't see any edges cut off.

Can you test this Review link and let me know if any of the slide content is cut off?

It would be helpful if we could test the course. Do you mind uploading the .story file to us? Here's a private upload link.