Issues with Blurry Images in Storyline 360

Feb 16, 2021


I have tried everything and cannot get my images to be clear. The images are Visio process maps, I have tried all of the following: 

-Using the Visio images

-Screen shot the visios as an image and pasted  to a word document (then transferred to articulate)

-Screen shot the visios as an image and pasted  to a PPT slide 

(this worked the best, but since you cannot upload slides once you begin, these were still cut and pasted into Articulate)

-Saved the screen shots as jpegs to upload as an image

-Ensured my story player size matched my screen slide size

-Added the zoom feature to each visio

-Set the player to resize to optimal browser 

-Ensure my computer (Windows 10) was at the correct display setting size


Please help me solve this mystery of the blurry images. 

Thank you!


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Becca Levan

Hi Sara, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ⭐️

Thank you for stopping by to share what you're experiencing and including your file so we could investigate! You're right — there's definitely some blurriness going on!

Can I have you share your file with our support team here?  It would also be helpful if you could include the original images before import so they can help clear this up for you! 😊