Slide Latency/Slow Loading

Sep 06, 2022

I have a course where some of the slides take a little longer to load. It happens most often between modules. I made sure that any graphics were not overly large (Modules start with a full-size image and a small amount of text) and there is no video or animations of any kind. Also no JavaScript or anything else - just a picture and title. 

This also happens occasionally from slide to slide. For example, it might happen when going from slide 5 to 6, even though slide 5 and 6 have the same small graphic and roughly the same amount of text. 

This happens in both our LMS and the review site. Multiple users have noted this, so it's not just me/my internet. 

What might cause this? Anything I can do to reduce the amount of times it happens?


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

then it's seems really a problem while/with (?) loading external files

you should check how big the images/audio are after publishing
(video should be no problem - video is streamed)

this is a typical published folder (here for scorm LMS)

audios/video in "story_content"

images in "mobile"

(the filenames of the media files are not the same like the filenames on import - and changes with every publish)

if there are no anomalies - you could use the developer tool of the browser (press F12, then tab "Network") to monitor the network access while editing the course - but you need experience for that.



Stephen Welsh

I had a similer issue today, loading slides in layers. and even linking to other slides. the 3 dots would come up, meaning around 5 seconds to load. i noticed that the background i used was a vector mesh with thousands on dots. i removed this an as ever again :-)

You could also just save the vector as a photos and replace the vector image, which i did.

it makes sense why it was taking so long to load when you think about Storyline trying to load so many dots in my case.