Slide Layer Audio is cut off

Jul 07, 2020

I'm building a course in Articulate 360.

I have a slide built with a "click for more information" layer built in. 

There is separate audio for the slide layer and I have all the triggers set for the main slide audio to stop and the layer audio to start when clicked and it works seamlessly except that the slide layer audio is always cut off (there are about 30 second of audio cut off the end).  It almost seems like the layer is getting cut off at the point when the main slide audio would end (the layer audio is longer than the main slide audio).  I can't seem to figure out how to stop this from happening. Can someone help?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Christine,

Happy to help! It sounds like you've set up triggers to stop the base layer audio from playing, but not the base layer timeline?

Have you check your Slide Layer properties and see if you have the option to Pause timeline of base layer selected?

If that doesn't help, are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? You can share it publicly here, or privately with our support engineers. We'll delete it when we figure out how to set it up correctly!

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