Slide Layers in Master Slide - Slide Layer Keeps HIding Itself

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help answer my question I have about using multiple layers in slide masters.  As I'm fairly new to the Storyline app, I'm thinking it's just user error.

My hope was to include a control panel to every slide in my project, so I started building the control panel in my slide master.  Currently, I have a blank slide layer, which is where you can click a button to open up the control panel that exists on a second layer.  Then I have the second slide layer that contains my control panel.  There is a basic trigger to show the 2nd slide layer when the 1st layer button is clicked.  In preview mode, the clicked button displays the 2nd layer with the control panel correctly, but then when I try to go to any of the buttons on the control panel, the control panel disappears and I'm reverted back to the base slide layer with the clickable button again.  I have no exit animation effects on the 2nd layer or any kind of command/trigger telling storyline to close the layer.

Any ideas all?  Thanks so much in advance!!


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Jill McNair

Hi Betsy, 

It seems to me that you do not need these layers at all.  Why not build your control panel right on the master slide?  You could place a shape over the control panel that makes it look closed (or a shape the same as the background to hide it).  Then you can just have a button - also on the master slide - to open/close the control panel.  The triggers on the button could be to change the state of the control panel cover to Normal when the user clicks. A second trigger could be to change the state of the control panel cover to Hidden when the user clicks, if the state of the control panel cover is Normal.

I'm sure there are other ways - but hopefully this will help you simplify your design and make it easier to work with.