Slide layers not reading in correct order with screen reader

Apr 09, 2021

I'm having problems getting alternate text to read in the proper order with a screen reader when slide layers are in use. I'm on Storyline version 3.50.24668.0 and NDVA version 2020.2. I have tried a few different templates from the content library, I adjusted the focus order, and removed any extra layers I don't want read. Once I enter a slide layer and choose "Close" to return to the base layer, the focus does not return to where I left it on the base layer. The focus appears to go to the next location on the base layer based on where the "Close" button was inside the slide layer. This ends up skipping content on the base layer. Is there a work around for this that does not involve separating the content onto many separate slides? 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Bonnie!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like the focus stays on the Close button when navigating away from the layer. This often is a change made with the Slide Properties!

I'd recommend using this setup in this screenshot to achieve the behavior you're looking for. If this doesn't do the trick, do you mind sharing your file with me? You can attach it to this discussion or upload it to me privately using my direct link.