Slide loading issue

Apr 22, 2024

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a simulated prescribing program and am having an issue with one of the slides loading. If you search for "aspirin" on slide 1.3 and then click the first result, it should jump to the next slide which is does, and as far as I can see it populates all the variables that should be populated. However, i'm getting a loading overlay I can't get rid off. In the console I get this error:

TypeError: element.classList is undefined


Uncaught TypeError: t is undefined

But I can't figure out what's causing it.

Here's the review version:

and the file is attached. Any help would be appreciated!

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Andrew Hanley

Also.... I had a quick look over the rest of the JS, and there is a lot of duplication happening.

Maybe consider using seperate JS calls for setting of the variables, and parsing of the XML data. It will mean you eliminate any duplication, which is going to make future code changes/additions much much easier.

Andrew Hanley

Assuming those web objects arent the issue, then the Developer Console messages are telling me that the JS is failing to find necessary data. So, the next place I would look is the XML data itself. Check that every one of your JS var sets on each slide are definitely correct.

I believe you may have got one of the JS variables incorrectly set - maybe accessing the wrong level/node/child from the XML?
Without being able to see the XML its impossible for me to know for sure, but I would manually trace out to the console each JS variable after setting it from the XML, that will tell you for sure if its set correctly.

Good luck! :)

Andrew Hanley

Always hate problems like this when I'm coding. Horrible to find, and 99% of the time something small and innocent looking.

Like you, I cant see anything inherently wrong with the Storyline file you sent.
If the web objects arent the issue, and all the JS and XML variables are lining up correctly, then Ive no idea. (sorry!)

Could it be one of those annoying SL bugs on a slide? Sometimes you have to create a brand new project to get rid of those.
WHile it's annoying, if it was my project, this is what I would do - start a new project, and only focus on the bit you know is the problem - pulling in the XML data for "aspirin", and setting start and stop dates accordingly.
If that works, then start building around it, if not, at least you've confirmed the problem is that exact thing.

Sorry I cant be of more help on this one!

Dave Ruckley

Looks like I spoke too soon. I started a re-build of the whole thing using the new storyline file and as soon as I added the drug search javascript to it, it kicked up the same issue. So there's something specific about that code that's causing the issue.

UPDATE: It was something to do with undefined data being sent back by the googlesheet, so my friend ChatGPT helped me modify it to catch those and sort them out. It now works perfectly.

Andrew Hanley

Well, its got no loading dots.... :)   It just doesnt have anything at all in way of content now! :P
Console reports a skipped function.

Im wondering if you meant to remove the Enter Name and Select Patient dropdown. Is the thing bugging out because it doesnt have any values in those variables now for the XML lookup?

Andrew Hanley

Ah I see, well no loading dots is whats happening, so it seems ok for now.

So it was malformed data coming from the XML? Thats what the console JS warning was hinting at hence I thought it might be the reason.

I wonder if Jurgen's good idea was because of this - forcing the text fields to be implicit data types of single line only?

Dave Ruckley

It was specifically the code that looked up the search value on a google sheet using the API. It wasn't dealing with empty rows correctly. Here's what ChatGPT said about it:

To avoid the potential issue related to the toString method, you can modify the code to perform additional checks before accessing properties or methods that may result in errors when dealing with undefined values. Here's the modified code:

In this modified version:

Additional checks are added to ensure that data and its properties are not undefined before accessing them.
Before accessing row[0], row[1], row[2], and row[3], checks are added to ensure that they exist and are not undefined. If they are undefined, default values (empty strings) are used to avoid errors.

So now the code has been modified to avoid this and the dots.