Slide menu does not show all slides, scene is missing

May 05, 2014

When I preview my entire project (115 slides long), the very last scene in the project is completely missing from the slide menu, and the scene before that is missing certain slides from the slide menu, even though you can see those slides in the preview. In fact, the entire last scene can't be previewed (unless previewed by itself) because hitting "Next" at the end of the next-to-last scene does not take you to the last scene. Nor is there the option to click on the scene from the slide menu, since it is missing from the menu.

I've kept all my scenes separate in my project thus far to ease editing (when it is near completion, I plan to change the trigger for the "Next" button in the last slide of each scene to continue seamlessly into the following scene). I've kept them separate like this so I have the scenes spread horizontally across Story view, which makes it easier to navigate to slides to edit them, rather than scrolling down a long, long linear list of slides that have been connected by changing the triggers in each final slide of each scene.

However, I tried changing the trigger at the end of the next-to-last scene so that it goes seamlessly into the last scene to see if that fixed everything, but that caused my scenes to spontaneously  mix up their order and even seemed to randomly move slides around throughout the project. What am I doing wrong? I'm afraid to try anything else with the scenes for fear of getting my slides mixed together again. I had to exit without saving changes to play it safe. I appreciate any help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Breanne,

Welcome to the community!

It may simply be an issue of updating in the menu. If you've pulled in a lot of content, which sounds like that may be the case, or changed the order of the project a few times, this might be contributing to it. 

It could help to simply reset the menu, this should pull all of the existing slides into the menu and display them correctly. 

Here's how:

  • Click on "Player" in the Storyline ribbon. 
  • Click on "Menu". 
  • In the bottom right-hand side of the menu pane, click on the small button for "Reset from story".

Breanne Myers

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