Slide moves when I just click on it

Apr 06, 2022

I don't know what is up with this and if other people experience it, but these random slide moves is something that has always happened and is driving me nuts. It happens a lot when I'm moving between slides in a project. I click on a slide and it just moves it some random place somewhere else in my project. I'm not dragging it, I'm not holding the click, I'm not doing anything other than just navigating to the slide. It doesn't do it every time, but it happens at least two to three times a day. If I catch it, it's no big deal because I just undo it. But most of time I don't even realize it's happened because there's no indication that it's moved and I'm doing a bunch of edits and then realize it's in a completely wrong place on my project and I have to move it back to the right place. I'll only notice it when my eyes wander to the left side where I can see the snippets of where I am in the project. When it's a big project, this becomes burdensome and tricky. What I am doing that is making my slides move? I know how to move a slide and what I'm doing isn't a slide move, but clearly something is too sensitive or....I don't really know what. I really can't figure it out. It really has become an incredibly irksome thing though.

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Caitlin Gill

Hi Erin, I'm following this post now too. I am experiencing the same issue working with a Storyline file I have had no problem editing before. And now, the slides are moving around after I edit them. But like you said, I am not double clicking or dragging them around, it's just when I get back to the Story View they are out of order. Hopefully someone knows! 

Caitlin Gill

Following up, I don't know if it helps your situation but it seems like my issue came from when I would click on certain icons that had a trigger associated to it to jump to a specific slide.

It's a little hard to explain, but what was happening is I would click on an icon and then the associated trigger to jump to a certain slide would become highlighted. I don't think I realized that it stayed highlighted when I would try to navigate to other slides and would double click under the "Scenes" tab on the left to navigate to a new slide. I think the fact that the trigger was still highlighted when I would double click another slide maybe changed my trigger without intending it to? At least that's my best guess. Now before I click another slide I make sure that none of my triggers in the right hand panel are highlighted. This is just my best guess and what is working for me, hope it helps in some way!! 

Walt Hamilton

You can't imagine how small of a movement it takes to change a slide's position. For me, it usually involves clicking before the mouse has come to a complete stop.  It is what trained me to always use "Jump to specific side" and never "Jump to next slide".  Since I learned that, I have never had a slide move on me. Takes a fraction of a second longer, but it's worth it.