slide size increase when menu is turned off

Sep 15, 2012

Hello all,

I've been reading this site for over a year, and finally think I might have something to give back.  My client really liked the layout of Tom's drag-video.story with the navigation buttons in a panel on the side.  She doesn't like the look of the normal menu.  So, I wanted to figure out how much slide space I could use if we turned the menu off. 

After publishing blank slides with various player settings, and then measuring the pixels in screen captures, I've decided that a 960x540 story size (see "Story Size" button on the Design tab) uses the same real estate as a story with a menu and all the default settings. 

I'm going to try to attach a the .story file with the 960x540 slide size and Tom's navigation buttons on the left.  There are only two slides in the file, but it should give you an idea how a slide might be re-sized if the menu is turned off.

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