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Sep 26, 2012

Not sure if this a bug or not, I created 4 slide master templates then tried to import them into a new project. It seemed to only import one master and not the other three (i.e. the first master it found) so I ended up with one slide with its template and three blank slides. I tried storyTemplate file, copy and pasting masters across, pretty much everything.

I then downloaded on the examples on here and noticed that all the examples are under one slide master template - so I put all my slide templates under one master and it works fine now! So I guess create all your templates under one master and it will work fine.

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David Anderson

Hi Andrew,

The layouts that weren't included in your .storytemplate file, were those slide layouts that were customized with the master layout blank? In other words, the top slide master didn't have any graphics or objects on it while the sub slides did have graphics? 

Any chance you can submit your .story AND .storytemplate to the development team? I found a similar issue recently and would like the devs to compare our two files.

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