Slide Titles Disappearing when using Animated Side Menu

May 14, 2015

I've created an animated side menu on my master slide but I've ran into a problem & I really need help fixing it. The titles on my slides disappear when I click on the side menu icon & reappear when I click to close the side menu. This seems to have only just started & I don't know what has changed. How can I stop this happening so that the title of the slide is shown even when the side menu is being used i.e. the animation is occurring? I have tried setting the text placeholder as a title on the master slide but when I look back at the slide master it has switched off the title check box every time.

I also need to get the side menu working on layers so I added the same side menu layers to the feedback master & selected the correct layout for the layers which has the side menu, but this will not work.

I want to create a nice way of being able to jump to sections using a collapsible menu to save on screen space but I have ran into these two problems & may end up having to remove the side menu & go for the standard home icon, but the side menu looks really cool so I would really like to get it working & keep it.

Can anyone help? Happy to share an example if I have not been clear!

Many Thanks

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Prashant Patil

Hi Lisa,

Share your story file if there is no privacy issue, you can also check the slide layers settings if you might have created the side menu on slide layers and if you have you will need to make sure that the option Hide objects on base layer is unchecked, i have attached settings screenshot for your reference


Lisa Jones

Hi Prashant, thanks for your reply. I have checked the layer settings & changed it to those you suggested but this made no difference and the side menu is not visible on the layers.

I have taken a copy of the course I am creating & removed all content (see attached) but hopefully there is enough in there for you to see what the two problems are:

1. When you click on the side menu the slide title disappears then reappears when you click to close the side menu

2. The side menu is not accessible when in a layer

I'd like to keep it in the course but time is ticking & the deadline is nearing so if I cannot fix it I will have to remove it & think of a more basic navigation option.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Lisa Jones

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for looking into this. I should have tried importing into a new project to eliminate the possibility of there being a problem with the file - but I went into panic mode! I have tried it myself & the title is now displayed when the side menu is in use.

Any ideas for how I can get it to work with the layers?

Thanks again

Lisa Jones

Hi Wendy, thanks. I switched the side menu & layers to the top level master slide and removed the side menu & layers from the feedback master slide I had created, but this does not work. I'm wondering if it is best to recreate the layers as slides within each scene as I know the side menu now works with the slides, just not the layers it seems.


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