Slide Transition after clicking on separate elements

Mar 16, 2022


I added a couple of checkboxes to a slide and want the transition from each of those choices to be slower. For example, when a user checks the box, I want them to see the checkmark as it transitions. Right now, it transitions so fast you don't see the check until you come back to that slide. However, when I set the transitions duration, it doesn't affect those specific transitions. 

Any suggestions??

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Judy Nollet

You say users "don't see the check until you come back to the slide." So, as I understand it, the checkbox has a trigger to jump to another slide, but you want to ensure there's time for the user to see the checkmark appear before advancing to the other slide.

If my understanding is correct, you'll need to add a delay. Unfortunately, there's no "When" in the Trigger Wizard for indicating "1 sec [or other time] after the click." So you'd have to create your own delay. Here's one option:

Walt Hamilton

A perhaps simpler method is to show a blank layer when the checkbox is clicked. Set the layer to hide when its timeline ends, and to jump to the other slide when the timeline ends. Be sure these triggers are in this order.

Of course, learning to use motion paths to time activities provides you a lot more learning and opportunities.