Slide transition technique - where was that post

Someone posted a cool transition technique that I can no longer find.  I should have saved it because my searches are not finding it.  Help!

The technique (and sample file) showed a character and room with desk.  The room was extended off to the right of the slide.  First the room pans to the right as and then (I think after seamlessly going to the next slide with same room) the character flies in from the left. The effect is that the character walked to the other end of a longish room.

I'm unable to recreate this from memory so that it is seamless.  Can anybody point me to the post where this technique was demonstrated?  Thanks!

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Meryem M


Thanks, those are cool.  I want to play with paralax sometime so I'm saving those links.  

The demo I remember seeing was in Storyline and did not use PowerPoint motion paths.  The animation effect of walking to the end of a longish room was done entirely with Storyline's built in tools.  Does anyone recall that one?

Jill McNair

Hi Meryem,

Have you tried this your character at it's ending point.  Use the Fly In animation, very slow speed (or whatever speed you want) entering from the opposite direction.  For example, if you want your character to walk from left to right, place your character on the right, then add a Fly In, very slow from the left animation.  

Here is another screenr by David Anderson about the Fly In/Fly Out animation:

Here is one where Stephanie Harnett talks about importing PPT motion paths:

Hope this helps!