Slide transitions with static background?

Oct 28, 2013

Is it possible to use a static background that does not move with a slide transition?  Here is an image of what I have on my master page:

Each individual slide had text and images within the white card area. Essentially I would like to have the white card—and all of its contents—transition from left to right, and the brick wall to stay static. But, the entire image you see  above slides from left to right. 
I've tried moving the white card to each individual slide, but it becomes extremely problematic and laborious to attempt to make all the elements animate in at the same pace, and IMO defeats the purpose of a master slide!

I did notice that within a transition there is a blank background that you can see for a short moment, which leads me to believe that i might be able to set that background somehow. Is there a way this can be done?  

Thanks, and cheers!


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