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Andrew Sellon

Hello, Angela!  I think this is a question we all have when starting with Storyline.  Happily, the answer is easy:  From the main "Story View" tab (the one that gives a bird's-eye overview of the slides in your project), look to the lower right section of your screen, and you should see a "Slide" panel beneath the "Triggers" panel.  In the Slide panel, you can set properties for any specific slide, or all slides, by selecting the slide(s) in question, and then adjusting the properties as desired.  In your case, you would want to make sure that the "Slide advances:" drop-down box reads "By User" for all of your slides.  That way, regardless of what you change on the slide itself, when a slide reaches the end of its timeline, it will wait for the user to click the Next button to continue.

Hope this helps!