Slide Trigger Based on Visited States Not Working

Hello all!

I have been banging my head against my desk about this so I thought I might turn to you heroes for help.

So, I have a slide trigger set to advance learners to the next slide automatically once they have reached a certain amount of points from the two quiz questions they take on this particular slide from the course. I had it set to advance once they visited both "info" icons, but that didn't work because SL handled the slide trigger for the visited state before letting the learner actually visit the other slide and return to this main slide. The ramifications of this looked like the slide automatically advancing once both icons were clicked, but not actually letting the user visit the second question slide.

Anyway, I decided that the solution was to use the score results so that SL would have to wait until the user actually visited and completed the quiz questions before they could advance. Now, I have this trigger set to the exact amount of points they will score from each quiz question (they are allowed to retry the questions until they actually get this score so there is no way they are not getting 20 points). However, when they return from the questions and the states of both icons are set to visited, the slide won't advance automatically like it should. The user is still being forced to click the next button.

I should also mention that I don't want users to move on from this slide until they have "explored" both icons and taken both quiz questions. So, I have another player trigger that doesn't let them click next until they have visited both icons. This works just fine, however I wish I could just make it to where the next button doesn't even appear until they have visited both icons. --side note here-- I know I could move navigation to the slide, but I just can't do that here. I've done that too much already throughout my course and MUST use the next button for this issue.

What am I doing wrong? The triggers and logic hear seem tight to me. I just can't figure out why this isn't working. Any help would be much appreciated as I have to use this same feature throughout the entirety of my course.

Thank you!

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