Slide Trigger on Object = Object Trigger ?

Oct 07, 2014

Dear all,


It is very useful  to have Copy/Paste function on triggers.


However, I sometimes paste a Slide Trigger on an object (because it was already selected).

So my Slide Trigger becomes an Object Trigger and the trigger seems to work.


Is there any known issues with letting Slide Triggers on an Object?


Below are screen samples.

I created a Slide Trigger, copy it and then select the triangle shape:

Then I paste the trigger and delete the original slide trigger

So I have an Object Trigger which seems to work, but I would admit this is not very clean...

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Quentin Hua

Hi Ashley,


I copied the trigger on purpose here. In the real world, as we use pretty intensively triggers (with variables), we copy/paste triggers very often and sometime, we just don't notice an object is already selected and therefore the slide trigger becomes an object trigger (which is non-sense!)


What is not cool is Storyline allows this kind of triggers and will not show any warning message. And the trigger seems to work!

My biggest fear and question is: will this make the course corrupted, unstable or any bad surprises...?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Quentin,

I can't see any corruption or instability that would come from this trigger - and my only thought about "surprises" would be if there was a condition associated with that trigger - or as the article I linked to mentions, multiple triggers associated with objects, that the  triggers execute in the same order in which they appear in the Triggers panel (top to bottom).

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