slide with many layers. After base, audio plays from ALL layers!

Sep 20, 2012

I have a slide with a base layer and then about 12 other layers, many of which have audio tracks on them.  I want to these layers to be revealed sequentially when the previous one ends. (I am thinking now if it might generally be smarter to make separate new slides for this instead. but I'm asking here because I should come to understand this 

the base layer plays very nicely, along with its audio. then, I have a trigger set to show the next layer when its timeline ends.

the trigger correctly takes the user to see that "next" layer, and its audio plays -- BUT, in a great clamor, all of the OTHER layers' audio tracks also all play simultaneously, even though I had set triggers to "only" show those layers when their previous layer's timeline had come to an end.   NOTE that when that clamor happens, I see the player window's seeker shows that the whole timeline is in its 'concluded" state, all used up all the way to the right. I had hoped that the seeker bar would only show that portion of the overall progress that the user had traversed through the timelines of each of the different layers I used.

I guess that I'm using this the wrong way and that multiple slides might be the wisest method, BUT if you can tell me why they all play at the same moment, and how I COULD make them be sequential (in both the audio and in the seekbar's behavior) that would be very helpful to me.

THANKS --eric

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Jay Snocker

Hi Eric,

As Angie mentioned I can't say exactly without looking at your file, but I can offer a couple suggestions from my experience with Storyline 2.

1) To get a separate seekbar for each layer make sure you have selected the "Hide objects on base layer" option in Slide Layer Properties (gear icon at the end of the slide layer box).

2) I set my project up so that each layer has its own trigger that is set to show the next layer when the timeline of a specific shape starts. I then move the shape off the stage so it is not visible in playback. Red arrow below indicates the point at which the trigger is set to show layer 1. It is tied to Trapezoid 2 that I moved off the slide and into the gray area so it doesn't show on the slide.

Best of luck,



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