Slide with no Next nor Prev has both Next and Prev when revisiting

Jan 31, 2014

My menu is set to Restricted; My questions are set to Resume Saved State.

I do NOT have Next and Prev checked in Slide Properties for my question slides. I don't want them; upon Submit, a layer appears having a button taking the user on the appropriate path; I want the user's path to be based on whether they got it right or wrong.

The first time I go to the screen after launching the course, there are is no Next nor Prev button as intended.  I submit an answer, the layer appears, I click the button, I move forward to the appropriate screen.

When I return to the screen via the menu it now has a Next and Prev button.  How do I prevent this?

When I click Next it takes me to the same (wrong) slide regardless of whether I got it right or wrong when I submitted my answer when I was on the screen last time.  Prev is worse because it takes me to the last screen I was on which could be anywhere because I came here via the menu.

Because the question is set to Resume Saved State my feedback layer is up when I revisit and it has the button on it that takes me to the appropriate path.  How do I prevent Next and Prev from appearing when revisiting the question?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

I believe the main issue you're referring to (the Next and Previous buttons showing) happens when you navigate through the menu itself, correct? It sounds a lot like this issue. Are you running the most recent version of Storyline? 

If it's specific to question slides, I believe this is by design for the "saved state" of question slides. If they're reset, you shouldn't see the buttons when visiting the slides again. However, I do realize you're wanting to use the saved state of the slide. If that's the case, the buttons will be enabled when you revisit the slide. 

Here's a discussion on the topic that may shed a little more light on this functionality.


David Kelling


Thanks for the links to the other discussions.  I've spent hours on this. I've read the articles, reduced my course and reduced my course and tried and tried the suggested settings... I give up.  I started over with a simple course and still can't get it to work the way I want. I would greatly appreciate someone telling me how to set up the attached file so I do not see the built-in Next/Prev buttons when I revisit the screen via the menu.

This video shows me explaining what I want to have happen with the attached Storyline file:



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI David,

First, check out this support link, which confirms that these buttons can NOT be hidden on Quiz Review - different than what you're doing, but bear with me!

Then check out this support link, which describes what you ARE trying to do (navigating with the menu) and says this was fixed in SL Update 3.

I wonder if it's broken again? I have SL Update 5, and I"m experiencing the same thing as you are, either during review or navigating with the menu...and I've turned off all the built-in Prev Next buttons

Perhaps someone from the staff will jump in and clear up what we're doing wrong.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi David,

No wasn't a distraction at all. You were very clear. But I'm wondering, if this is in fact broken, if "code-wise" (and I'm clearly not a programmer ) there's some connection. So I thought I'd post it all together here.

Also looking for a response from staff. I'm sure they'll be here soon! Off to work now;)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the screenr and the Storyline course. The documentation Becky provided regarding update 3 dealt with individual slides, not question slides. They are treated differently on a revisit as Storyline is assuming that since you've answered it, the submit button no longer exists and therefore you need a way to leave the slide. With that being said, we know a lot of our users are setting up their own custom navigation, so if you'd like to ensure that these buttons are removed completely can you share your thoughts with our product development team in the form of a feature request? 

In the meantime, you may also want to look at the methods described here and here by Steve Flowers where he generated some workarounds. 

Please let us know if there is anything else! 

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