"SlideComplete" variable, "Incomplete" layer, does not advance with next button on Revisit

Apr 23, 2018


I've created a module that has a variable of "SlideComplete" set to False on each slide. The user must complete steps on the slides in order for the SlideComplete to change to True. If they try to click the "next" button before completing the actions, an "Oops" layer pops up saying they must first do the activity to advance. Once they do it, the Next button allows them to move forward based on the variable that the SlideComplete is now true. This works great. HOWEVER; upon revisiting the slide, it does remain at complete, and the learner has to click everything all over again. The Next button does not recognize the SlideComplete on the revisit and the "Oops" layer shows up everytime you try to click the next button.

This seems to be a common issue, although the feedback I've read is about a disabled Next button. Mines not "disabled" as a state, just from True/False variable.

Do I need to create a RevisitSlide variable? I was trying to do that, but I couldn't get it to work.

So what I need in summary is on the Revisit for the "Oops" (incomplete) layer to NOT pop up when they go back to review it and hit the next button.

I appreciate your help


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Anneli Janssens

Nevermind, I figured it out.  This is what I did:

On the  following the slide of the one I'm working on, I created a variable name to "Slide X Visited" as False. I then set a trigger on that slide to adjust the variable, Slide X Visited to True when timeline starts. Then I went back to the original slide, and added a trigger to Hide layer "Incomplete" when the user clicks the next button if "Slide X Visited" is equal to True. I added another trigger to Jump to next slide when user clicks next button if Slide X Visited is equal to True. This way, when I revisit the slide to look at something and hit next, the Incomplete layer doesn't pop up.


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