Slidemaster Layers Corrupting

Nov 09, 2015

I created a new training course and placed an "Error" layer on a Slidemaster. The Layer is to show when the student clicks the Next button and the slide is not completed. The layer and triggers all worked fine and as they should. I had apparently corrupted my file by perhaps leaving open too long or something because all of the sudden this Error function stopped working.

Frustratingly, I then open a new project and imported slides from each unit/scene into the new file. This got the error layer working again as it was suppose to.

I then went forward with my editing in the new file and all was ok. Then, I published the file to LMS and preceded to upload. When I viewed the content file in Moodle, the error message was gone again. Pulling out what little hair I have left, I went back to the originating file to see if perhaps something got lost in publish and sure enough the error layer doesn't work again. I saved after publishing and am suspecting the file got corrupt again after publishing.

Anyone else noticed this behavior. I've been away from E-Training for a couple of years. I originally published my stuff using SL1. I never imported anything from SL1, I created this course from scratch. I found SL1 very buggy, this forst course in SL2 isn't giving me a warm fuzzy, already wasted about 10hrs on corrupt files and am facing another 5hrs if I can't solve this another way.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Vaughan,

I'm sorry to hear about your file especially if it's also making you go bald! You mentioned leaving Storyline open for a while, which is known to lead to corruption issues, as are the other items here.  Could one of those elements also be impacting your course prior to publishing it and then testing in your LMS? How did you set up the layer to trigger? It will be easier to diagnose issues with your file if you're able to share it here or even just a few sample slides. You can attach it to the thread using the "add attachment" button below the reply box or if you need to share privately you can also send along to our Support engineers here. 

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