Slider as Likert Scale

Oct 01, 2020

I would like to use a slider in place of a likert scale rating in a survey. I have the slider and triggers built, but cannot figure out how to capture the data. I tried making it a freeform question, but that doesn't seem to work. I keep getting the message, that you must answer the question and it won't advance. I have searching the forums and can't find anyone who has done something like this, but pretty sure I can't be the first. I tried just using a likert scale, but when you try to make it the ratings 0-10 it looks really messy on the slide.

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Justin Collinge

Hi Karyn

I use sliders in a similar way to what you describe. Is this the sort of thing you're wanting to achieve? 

I attach the Storyline file so you can see the triggers used (Note I normally move on to another page to show the results so people can't click the 'done' button more than once).

Does that help?


Justin Collinge

Ah - that makes sense. I don't use variables that way so, sorry, I can't help directly - most seem to go with Javascript to make it happen, though I did find this article 
which looks like an interesting approach. 

Good luck & do let me know if you solve it.