Slider not moving very easily

Apr 04, 2015

Hi. I put in a slider with 6 points, 1 layer for each point. It works but it doesn't seem to slide very easily when I preview it. I'm afraid my participants won't be able to get it to move. Any hints?

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Sue Hammond

Thanks everyone. Yes, I am working exclusively in the VM, no shared files. I just find that it doesn't matter, it's very buggy working on a VM on a Mac.

I'm going to assume this will work fine once it's published so I really do appreciate all the reviews.


I just deleted the file as it is proprietary stuff.



Sue Hammond

Thanks Wendy. If I can't get it right once I publish, I'll get back to
you .Do you find you have quirky things happen on your system? I swear I
have to do many things 2x b/c it doesn't 'take' the first time. I had
Articulate share my screen with some issues and they too were mystified.
Made me feel a bit better.