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Walt Hamilton

The layers are set to hide when their individual timelines end. So they display for 5 seconds, then close. Since the slide is set to initial state when revisited, you don't need to close the layers, but you probably should set the variable slider1 to 0 when the slide timeline starts, because variables are not reset when a slide resets.

Walt Hamilton

Reset to initial state only includes the things on a slide. Variables are above slides, so they do not change when the slide resets. Sliders are controlled by their variables, so when a slide is revisited, the slider will be in the position dictated by the value of its variable. That's why you can choose a starting point for a variable.

To set the slider back to the starting point, you have to create a trigger just like the one to disable the NEXT button.

Use "Adjust variable Slider1 to value 0 when timeline (on object slide) starts".

I would also add a trigger to the slider to hide the first layer when the value is 0.