Sliders and Triggers

I have a slide that has 4 sliders on it and I'm trying to figure out how to trigger audio to play after all 4 sliders has been interacted with. Any ideas how to do this?

The slide has two pieces of audio. Audio 1 should play automatically, which is does. Then, I want Audio 2 to play once all 4 sliders have been interacted with (there are no right/wrong answers). 

Story file attached!

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Jose Arroyo

Hi Holly,

Here is your story file with it the interaction you are looking for.

What was done:
Do not insert the second audio.  Instead, create a trigger on slider1 to play media - audio from file (your second audio) when slider moves and add the conditions Slider1 AND Slider2 AND Slider3 AND Slider4 all do not equal 2. 

Copy this trigger three more times for slider 2, slider3, and slider4.