Dials / Sliders, disabling the user from skipping ahead

I am attempting to make modules more interactive by using dials and sliders, but have several layers of text / audio involved.  I am having difficulty with figuring out how to make it so the user has to move the dial/slider without skipping ahead. 


I've made layers with text / images and when the dial or slider moves, the layer shows, and then the dial is hidden until the audio completes.  However, if the user rotates the dial too far, it plays out of order, and if they move the dial backwards all the audio clips seem to play at once (not optimal) 

Any advice?  I've watched the intro to dials and sliders tutorial on here, thinking about scrapping the entire idea at this point

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sarah rydgren

I tried having the audio on the layers, and it was very gnarly sounding because the user could rotate the dial while the main audio on baselayer was playing.  I made it so that the dial would HIDE while layer audio is playing, then reappear after the audio is done.  I am going to change the layers to stay on screen instead of hiding too


sarah rydgren

So I was able to implement a hot spot that can stop the dial from being rotated in between layers and clips, but I still have the issue of the user potentially rotating the dial too far past each number and multiple audio clips playing at once.  Does anyone have any ideas how to overcome this?