sliders aren't moving in certain versions of chrome

Oct 17, 2017

Hi all,


I've attached my .story file, as you can see, on slide five, there are a series of sliders. they seem to work in some versions of chrome but not others. Can anyone assist? I am stumped.

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Crystal Horn

Hi K!  Just want to make sure we can help if you need it -- it sounds like you made some edits to your file by copying in sliders from other projects.

If you'd like to attach an updated version of your project and let us know what version of Storyline you're using to edit it, I'm happy to test it out in Firefox.  Thanks!

Ray Handley

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reaching out. I noticed there was an issue with a Chrome update on my computer, however I did have clients suggesting that sliders were not working for them either. I uninstalled Chrome then reinstalled to get the latest version: Version 62.0.3202.62. This seemed to have fixed it but I needed to run the module a few times before the slider started to work. Then once working they seemed to be intermittent, sometimes working and other times getting stuck at one point on the slider scale. It's very strange. I will keep monitoring it to see if okay and also advise our client about the Chrome version. I still think it is strange as they were working fine and then suddenly stopped working one day.

The SCORM was uploaded to a Litmos LMS.

Cheers, Ray

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