Slides are too small after screen record

Jun 15, 2022

Hi, heroes! I need your help. My screen recording slides are too small and I can't make them of normal size. 

I make a record screen project via Storyline. I've recorded a full size screen and  Storyline automatically creates slides from it. 
I preview and publish them and see that they are too small. i can see the text but it is much smaller than it was on real monitor. 

I've tried changing side size in Design menu. The slide size really increases but the record screen picture inside this side doesn't get bigger. Now it looks like a picture and white fields around it on the up, right and down sides.
Probably the screen recording was affected by the fact that I record it via remote desktop. But I'm not sure it could affect the picture size. 


The question is - how to make the slide and the picture of normal size? or how can i increase the picture size without losing quality if it's a part of basic layer (if this might help)?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Dmitry!

If you want your recordings to be in the same size as your slides, you'll want to make sure that you are recording at the same screen size/ratio as your story size. This article explains how you can set the slide size of your project to match the resolution of the screen that you are recording. 

Since you mentioned that the resulting screen recordings are too small, try the following to see if it helps:

  • Decrease the resolution of the remote desktop that you are recording to make the objects on screen appear bigger
  • Try and change the Scale and layout setting (Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings)

You'll also want to do a test recording on your actual monitor to see if the issue is only happening when making recordings on a remote desktop. If the issue is only happening on recordings made using the remote desktop, make your recordings on your actual screen instead.