Slides Disappearing from Project

Jun 17, 2016

Has anyone ever experienced an issue with slides disappearing from their project? This has happened two me twice now, with different slides each time, that have literally gone missing from the middle of a scene days after a last worked on that scene. The missing slides are part of a screen recording. The original video is still there, but I had fine-tuned the screen recording clip on each of the missing slides. Could I be doing something wrong in the fine-tuning that is causing them to get removed from the project?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adina!

Is this within the same project or are you having difficulty with multiple projects? I'm not sure that this is an issue I'm familiar with.

If it's just this project, I'd advise to import your slides into a new project to see if this alleviates the issue that you are seeing.

If it's across projects, be sure you are following the suggestions in this article and conduct the repair listed in step 2.

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