Slides with pictures are jumping when clicking next button

Apr 15, 2019

Hi community

I have images on some slides in a course I'm developing. When clicking the next button the image/slide enlarges slightly and has a slight moving effect before going to the next slide. I've made sure the images fit on the slide, they don't overlap in any way. 

When viewing the scene by itself, it's not as noticeable as viewing the whole module. Can anyone please help?




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Kelly Watson

Hi Wendy

I've attached some of the culprit slides. The behavior is quite strange, because now that the slides are in a single scene they're hardly jumping, but as part of a full module the jumping is really bad. The worst slide is the scenario with the scrolling panel. 

Thanks for helping :-) 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for sharing your .story file so that we could take a look.

I previewed the course but didn't notice any jumping.

I then published the course and I'm still unable to replicate.

Are you seeing the same behavior in my published output here? If so, please share the operating system and browser you are using and I'd be happy to take another look.

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